Tractatus Theologico-politicus – exemplaar uit de eerste editie getoond


Adam Douglas, Senior Specialist in Literature at Peter
Harrington Rare Books [
cf.] is al enige tijd bezig video’s te maken over exemplaren
in hun bijzondere boekencollectie. Op 19 jan. 2016 presenteerde hij hun exemplaar
van de Tractatus Theologico-politicus. Een exemplaar uit de eerste editie van
het werk met de imprint: Hamburg: Henricus Künraht, 1670. [Cf. op
hun site of op Youtube of hieronder]

First edition of Spinoza's great treatise on political
theology, a ‘crystal-clear exposition of the theory of natural right’ (PMM).
Spinoza's principal work, and the only work published in his lifetime, it
blends the traditions of his Hebraic background with Cartesian rationalism. His
ethical views are extended into the realm of politics, and contain the first
clear statement of the mutual independence of philosophy and religion. ‘Man is
moved to the knowledge and love of God; the love of God involves the love of
our fellow men. Man, in order to obtain security, surrenders part of his right
of independent action to the State. But the State exists to give liberty, not
to enslave; justice, wisdom and toleration are essential to the sovereign
power’ (PMM).