Martin Skogsbeck’s "Spinoza in Love"


      [Cf. mijn bespreking in dit blog & my review here in English]  

Nog niet eerder had ik het ontdekt, dit boek dat al in juli van dit jaar zou zijn verschenen. Maar door tweets van de auteur zag ik, toen ik weer eens #Spinoza op twitter keek, dat verschenen was

Martin Skogsbeck, Spinoza in Love. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition, July 25, 2014 – ISBN  978-1500264277 – cf. Amazon – de blurp:

"Who was Spinoza? The famous philosopher’s ideas are well documented but little is known of the man behind them. What was he like as a person? What events shaped the course of his life? Was he ever in love? Spinoza in Love gives answers to these questions. Building on the few historical facts available, the novel weaves a colourful fictional story of passion, drama and deceit, carefully researched to be utterly plausible. But there is more to this book than a gripping love story from 17th century Holland. Along the way, Spinoza’s philosophy is presented and rendered both intelligible and engaging. By the end of a compelling tale, the reader will be familiar with the ideas of one of the greatest thinkers of western philosophy."

Ik meld het voor wie er mogelijk nieuwsgierig naar wordt.