Hoever de Spinoza-liefde kan gaan


Selfie van Shannon Dea's tattoo bij Spinoza's grafmonument in Den Haag

Vandaag werd op fitisafeministissue.com een gastblog geplaatst, waarin de van haar Sabbatical genietende Spinoza en Peirce scholar Shannon Dea haar Spinoza-tattoo toont en vertelt over een Spinoza-wandeling die ze voorbije dagen maakte van Amsterdam naar Den Haag. Zij deed het in twee dagen. Ik citeer een alinea:

"Why would someone undertake a walk like this? I did it because I love Spinoza’s thought, and I admire Spinoza the man. In a way, I wanted to seal my relationship with Spinoza with a kind of grand gesture. This isn’t the first time. I celebrated my 40th birthday by getting a Spinoza tattoo. Now, I’m 44 — the same age at which Spinoza died, as it happens — and living in the U.K. for a year, which makes it easier for me than it usually is to travel to continental Europe. It occurred to me to visit Holland’s various Spinoza sites. As soon as I realized that the whole geography of Spinoza’s life fit into a walkable distance, the idea of doing the walk became an idée fixe for me.  The two things that particularly appealed to me about the idea were that such a walk would be both an embodied activity and a meditative activity, and that it would be difficult. Both of these themes are central to Spinoza’s thought." [zie verder aldaar]