Stephen West doceert gepassioneerd over Spinoza


Onder "lees verder" geef ik iets meer info over de spreker Stephen West (misschien handig dat al aan te klikken alvorens de poscast te starten), maar eerst haal ik zijn praatjes over Spinoza dit blog binnen:

Episode #033 … Spinoza pt. 1 – From Baruch to Benedicto

On this episode of the podcast, we learn about Baruch De Spinoza. We find out why it was not only life-threatening to have an unpopular opinion during the time Spinoza lived, but also potentially very profitable. We also question whether religion is really to blame for the violent acts that are committed on its behalf, and find out why Spinoza was exiled from his community and forced to live a life of solitude. Finally, we read excerpts from Spinoza’s correspondence with his ex-friend Albert Burgh regarding Christianity and find out whose arguments hold the most water (spoiler alert: Spinoza wins). All this and more on the latest episode of Philosophize This!



Episode #034 … Spinoza pt. 2 – Force of Nature

On this episode of the podcast, we continue learning about
Spinoza, this time focusing on his concept of God. We begin by asking ourselves
whether or not Stephen’s English bulldog Charlie is part of God, and analyzing
the implications of our answer. Next, we discuss the concept of “substance” and
what Spinoza thought the only one true substance was (hint: it’s not water).
Finally, we consider how Spinoza’s concept of God/Nature impacts his thoughts
on free will and why he would say Stephen has no choice but to imitate a drunk
person singing “I Love Rock and Roll” every time he drives past that certain
billboard. All this and more on the latest episode of Philosophize This!