Spinoza in nieuw boek "Culture as Embodiment"


Twee weken geleden verscheen bij Wiley/Blackwell van de Nederlandse auteurs

Paul Voestermans & Theo Verheggen, Culture as Embodiment. The Social Tuning of Behavior. John Wiley and Sons Ltd, 2013 – Amazon books.google

Culture as Embodiment utilizes recent insights in psychology, cognitive, and affective science to reveal the cultural patterning of behavior in group-related practices. Relevant for social psychologists, psychological anthropologists, sociologists, and educationalists, Culture as Embodiment presents an original theory of culture that applies to current debates on gender, integration, assimilation, youth culture, classism, and more. The best of the behavioral sciences is brought to bear as the authors discuss how culture is embodied in its individual participants.

Over de auteurs:
Paul Voestermans is Emeritus Associate Professor in Cultural Psychology at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He also taught at the Bo?azici University in Istanbul. He has contributed articles on culture and behaviour in Theory & Psychology, New Ideas in Psychology, and has written several books in the field. Theo Verheggen is Associate Professor in Cultural Psychology and History of Psychology at the Open Universiteit Nederland. He has published several articles on the development of an enactive perspective for cultural psychology in various books and journals.