Robert Tosei Osterman baseerde spel op correspondentie van Spinoza met Hugo Boxel


Als onbezoldigd archivaris van Spinoza leg ik hier even vast dat van Robert Tosei Osterman bij is uitgebracht dit:
From Chicago to Spinoza: Poems and a Play in Three Acts.

Dat spel is gebaseerd op de correspondentie van Spinoza met Hugo Boxel.

De uitgever schrijft: "From Chicago to Spinoza offers a biographical compilation of verse by author Robert Tosei Osterman, written from 1980 to 2010. It is a personal memoir, a collection of reminiscences describing people and places in his past.
Chicago illustrates the early years of Osterman's life during World War II. Faces in the Past is comprised of sonnets and other poems, depicting some of my coworkers at a school bus company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.