Milton Matz schreef toneelstuk "Spinoza, Maria and Excommunication"


De inmiddels gepensioneerde Amerikaanse rabbijn, klinisch psycholoog en toneelschrijver Milton Matz, Ph.D. publiceerde Plays in Search of an Ending. Provocative and Funny Sociodramas on Contemporary Ethical Dilemmas. iUniverse, New York/Bloomington, 2009 [zie hier en Amazon] Themes: infidelity, intermarriage, race relations, seduction, end of life, intrafaith conflict, senior marriage, religious right, sex, therapy and politics, martyrdom, reconciliation, gay relation, choice

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Daarin ook het toneelstuk “Spinoza, Maria and Excommunication,” ook omschreven als: Baruch and Maria
“This award winning drama tells the love story behind the excommunication trial of Benedict (Baruch) Spinoza. Baruch established the doctrine of separation of church and state, which set the stage for the 350year romance between America and her Jews. His excommunication coincides in time with the first settlement of Jewish colonists in America. The play is ideally suited for observing the forthcoming celebration of 350 years of Jewish life in America.
(2w, 4m, single unit set, 120 minutes.)”