Boek op komst: Confrontaties tussen Spinoza en Levinas



Ferdie Fluitsma wees mij op dit boek dat voor volgende zomer
is aangekondigd:

Richard A. Cohen, Out of
Control. Confrontations between Spinoza and Levinas
[series in Contemporary Jewish Thought], June 2016
– [19-6-2016 toegevoegd:]

Het begin van de uitgeverstekst: “Explores the fundamental
confrontations between Spinoza and Levinas in ethics, politics, science, and

 After the end of
superstitious religion, what is the meaning of the world? Baruch Spinoza’s
answer is truth, Emmanuel Levinas’s is goodness: science versus ethics. In Out
of Control, Richard A. Cohen brings this debate to life, providing a nuanced
exposition of Spinoza and Levinas and the confrontations between them in
ethics, politics, science, and religion.”