Anti conatus zijn kan ook


In Sarah Hammerschlag, The Figural Jew: Politics and Identity in Postwar French Thought [University of Chicago Press, 2010] is op blz. 139 te lezen dat Emmanuel Levinas liever uitging van "Gij zult niet doden" dan van de conatus []. Daarin deze voetnoot:

71. Levinas often refers to the
conatus, Spinoza's definition of the self as appetitive, to
indicate a model of the self that ethics shatters. Spinoza thus
represents for Levinas another thinker of immanence, though he comes
around in a brief essay, "Have You Reread Baruch," to
defending a certain reading of the Tractatus Theologico-Politico
that sees it as teaching a nondogmatic, ethical interpretation of the
scriptures. His truly major failure remains, nonetheless, for
Levinas, that he was unable to recognize the grandeur of the thinking
of the talmudic masters. See Levinas, Difficile liberté,
158-69, and Difficult Freedom, 111-18.