Alvast genoteerd: volgend jaar "Spinoza and Theology"


Na Charlie Huenemann's Spinoza's
Radical Theology. The Metaphysics of the Infinite
Publishers, 2013 – cf. blog
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wordt door Bloomsbury (maar niet op de eigen site)
aangekondigd voor volgend jaar zo vernam ik van Ferdie Fluitsma:

Daniel Whistler en Jennifer
Bunker, Spinoza and Theology. Bloomsbury Academic, 9 April 2015 [cf.

and Theology" is a comprehensive examination of Spinoza's legacy
in theology. It assesses his dual representation as a heretic against
whom theology must defend itself, and as a proponent of ethical
thinking. The volume investigates Spinoza's argument for the
existence of God and how this conception differs from other
philosophical and religious variants. Further emphasis is placed on
the radical Enlightenment context of Spinoza's rejection of key
elements of the theological tradition. A central tenet of this study
is the focus on Spinoza's 'radical mutation': he mutates established
concepts rather than inventing new ones. In so doing, the study
discusses Spinoza's relation to religious traditions, his
rationalism, philosophical style, and his treatment of biblical
texts. His legacy is further explored in the nature and form of
post-Spinozist theology. As an academic resource, this book offers
readers the opportunity to engage with the work of Spinoza from
constructive, critical, and historical viewpoints".