Ibn Arabi en Spinoza vergeleken


Als u komende herfst een cursus zoekt waarin Ibn Arabi en Spinoza vergelijkenderwijs besproken worden, dan moet u naar San Francisco, en wel de Turkish Studies (TURK) at San Francisco State University.

NEW COURSE FOR FALL 2014: HUM 345.3: Humanism and Mysticism is a course on comparative religion and philosophy, focusing on two key figures of Islamic and Western thought,  namely Ibn Arabi and Spinoza. The course will highlight the connections between these two thinkers, showing why it is wrong to think of Islamic and Western thought as radically different and separate from each other. It is a very timely course, especially these days when the divide between East and West can seem so insurmountable. This course was opened two months after the regular course offerings, so there is still plenty of space in it. Give it a try! [Cf. Facebook]