Conferentie: "The Ethics of Spinoza’s Ethics"


Aan de Texas A&M University organiseert Michael LeBuffe op vrijdag 30 september en zaterdag 1 oktober 2011 een conferentie over:

            "The Ethics of Spinoza’s Ethics"
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Friday, September 30

    3:00  Matt Kisner (South Carolina): "Spinoza’s Theory of the Good: Rare and Difficult" 
    3:50  John Carriero (UCLA): "The Ethics in Spinoza’s Ethics" 
    5:00  Tamra Frei (Michigan State University): "Knowledge of Good and Evil and True Knowledge of Good and Evil" 
    5:50  Charles Jarrett (Rutgers): "Spinozistic Constructivism"

Saturday, October 1    

   9:00  Olli Koistinen (Turku): "Spinoza on Motivation and Goodness" 
   9:50  Valtteri Viljanen (Academy of Finland): "Spinoza on Virtue and Eternity" 
    11:00  Eugene Marshall (Wellesley): "It Does a Body Good: the Affects, Extension, and Freedom in Spinoza" 
    1:40  Jon Miller (Queen's, Ontario): "Spinoza on the Life according to Nature" 
    2:30  Karolina Huebner (Toronto): "Spinoza’s Ideal of Human Nature" 
    3:40  Michael Rosenthal (U of Washington): ""Politics and Ethics in Spinoza: The Problem of Normativity" 
    4:30  Justin Steinberg (Brooklyn College/CUNY): "Spinoza on Practical Reason" 
    5:40  Mike LeBuffe (Texas A&M): "Necessity and Prescriptions in the Ethics"

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