"Spinoza’s God" voor het Spinoza-archief


Toch nog even melden, al is het al bijna vijf jaar geleden verschenen (en al ben ik zelf niet van plan het te gaan lezen):

Franklin Lonzo Dixon Jr., Spinoza's God – the source of all-that-is. Alondra Press, January 20, 2010

A plain-language explanation of the philosophy of Baruch Spinoza, told as a more-or-less personal experience. The book is in two parts, the first dealing with Spinozism per se, the second defending the philosophy against the assaults leveled at it (and all metaphysical systems) by post-modernist philosophers. The book culminates with a rare defense of Part Five of Spinoza's masterpiece, 'Ethics Geometrically Demonstrated.' In that same culmination, the author lays the foundation for a new definition of the sacred, using for his materials Spinoza's commonsensible observations, and showing how those understandings differ from the irrational premises of conventional theological definitions of God and God's role in the world. [Amazon]