Spinoza’s droom [4] volgens Rebecca Newberger Goldstein


Tussendoor moet ik toch ook nog wel even wijzen op het essay dat Rebecca
Newberger Goldstein, schrijfster van Betraying
Spinoza: The Renegade Jew Who Gave Us Modernity
, op 29 juli 2006 had in The New York Times n.a.v. de toen 350
 verjaardag van Spinoza’s ban. Dat
essay,  "Reasonable Doubt",
eindigde ze aldus:

dream of making us susceptible to the voice of reason might seem hopelessly
quixotic at this moment, with religion-infested politics on the march. But
imagine how much more impossible a dream it would have seemed on that day 350
years ago. And imagine, too, how much even sorrier our sorry world would have
been without it.”