Signalement en twijfels over komend boek over Spinoza en autoriteit


Wel breng ik hier dit signalement van een boek dat komende
zomer zal verschijnen, maar ik heb er mijn twijfels bij die ik aan het eind van
het blog zal formuleren. Eerst over dat boek:  

A. Kiarina Kordela, Dimitris Vardoulakis, Spinoza’s Authority. Resistance and Power. Bloomsbury Academic,

political thought has been subject to a significant revival of interest in
recent years. As a response to difficult times, students and scholars have
returned to this founding figure of modern philosophy as a means to help
reinterpret and rethink the political present. Spinoza's Authority makes a
significant contribution to this ongoing reception and utilization of Spinoza's
political thought, and takes the 1670 text, Theologico-Political Treatise, as a
primary focal point. By taking the concept of authority as an original
framework, this books asks: How is authority related to ethics, ontology, and
epistemology? What are the social, historical and representational processes
that produce authority and resistance? And what are the conditions of effective
resistance? Spinoza's Authority features a roster of internationally
established theorists of Spinoza's work, and covers key elements of Spinoza's
political philosophy, including: questions of authority, the resistance to
authority, sovereign power, democratic control, and the role of Spinoza's