Ruth Lydia Saw (1901 – 1986) schreef ‘t Lemma Spinoza in The Concise Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy


De Engelse filosofe Ruth Lydia Saw over wie het in het vorige blog ging, behoorde tot de groep bijdragers aan de
eerste editie in 1960 van

The Concise
Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy.
Edited by Jonathan Rée and J. Oson. London/New
York: Routledge [Taylor & Francis Group], 1
e 1960, 2e
1975, 3
e 2005 [

Uit deze PDF heb ik het door haar geschreven lemma gelicht: “Spinoza,
Benedict de.” Ik attendeer op deze merkwaardige passage: “knowledge of the highest
or third grade, scientia intuitiva, belongs
to God alone.”

Spinoza, Benedict de
(1632–77) Born in Amsterdam of Jewish parents, Spinoza was brought up to speak
Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew, but he had a less sure command of Dutch. He
attended a Jewish High School in Amsterdam where one of his teachers was Rabbi
Manasseh Ben Israel, who negotiated with Cromwell the re-entry of the Jews into
England. At the age of eighteen, Spinoza went to a Dutch teacher, Van den Ende,
to learn Latin and the ‘new science’, studying the works of Copernicus,
Galileo, Kepler, Harvey, Huygens and DESCARTES.