Publicaties over Spinoza & Nietzsche – ze houden nooit op


Deze aankondiging is nog zo vers, dat er via Google verder nog niets over te vinden is dan wat de uitgever geeft. Dit jaar verschijnt:  

Theodore S. Smith & Patrick Dunn, Beyond Spinoza and Nietzsche: Applied Ethics for Mental Health Professionals. Elliott &  Fitzpatrick, 2016

De uitgever schrijft: "Professors Smith and Dunn have created an interesting collection of papers on the broad topic of professionals ethics. Ethics is superbly defined and then illustrated with story lines from recent and past history. In fact, one of the essays discuss the early work of Plato and Socrates, and then provides a march through the centuries by discussing contributions by religious and secular leaders up to and including the present day. Each chapter provides discussion questions related to the content of each chapter and will be an invaluable resource for both the practicing professional and university students. (Smith, T.S. & Dunn, P. L., 2016, 175 pp)."