Op 1 september 2016 wereldpremière theaterproductie "Spinoza’s Ethics" van Emily Claire Schmitt


for the New City's Dream Up Festival Presents
"Spinoza's Ethics," by Emily Claire Schmitt
A Journey Through Time With 17th Century Philosopher Baruch Spinoza

Based on a true story,
"Spinoza's Ethics" follows the life of Ruth, a woman searching for
love and God, as she evolves from a starry-eyed sister of faith in a nunnery to
a world-faring traveler. Weaving the ideals and character of Dutch enlightenment
philosopher Baruch Spinoza into the narrative, this play offers pertinent
questions about the nature of life, religion, marriage, and mankind's
ever-changing place within them. "Spinoza's Ethics" is written by
Emily Claire Schmitt. It is directed by Dianna Garten. [Lees hier méér – zie ook website DreamUp Festival 2016]