Inutilis scientia Spinozana [95] Spinoza’s filosofie in een uur!


Het kon dus nog gekker. Ging het eerder over "Spinoza
in 90 minutes" van Paul Strathern {cf.
van 6 juli 2011
] een poos terug werd dit Spinoza Philosophy in an Hour (Unabridged) by Paul Strathern
opnieuw uitgebracht op iTunes. Kennelijk een prestatie van de verteller: Jonathan

Synopsis: Philosophy for busy people. Read a succinct
account of the philosophy of Spinoza in just one hour.

Spinoza’s brilliant metaphysical system was derived neither
from reality nor experience. Starting from basic axioms (assumptions), by means
of a series of geometric proofs he built a universe which was also God? one
and the same thing, the classic example of pantheism. While his system may seem
an oddity today, Spinoza?s conclusions are deeply in accord with much of modern
thought, from science (the holistic ethics of today's ecologists) to politics
(the idea that the sate exists to protect the individual). The compelling
beauty of both Spinoza's system and conclusions are unequalled in the history
of philosophy.

Here is a concise, expert account of Spinoza’s life and
philosophical ideas that is entertainingly written and easy to understand. Also
included are selections from Spinoza’s work, suggested further reading and
chronologies that place Spinoza in the context of the broader scheme of
philosophy. [Cf.

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