Interview met Spinozageleerde Ursula Renz


Een dag of vijf geleden verscheen op het e-zine 3am een uitgebreid interview dat Richard Marshall had met Ursula Renz:
After Spinoza: wiser, freer, happier.
[Zie werk van haar hier en hier op dit blog; foto van haar pagina bij de Universität Zürich]

Een citaat eruit:

"3:AM: Of course it’s for your work on Spinoza that you are best known. To introduce us to this philosopher, can you say some general things about why he is a particularly important and special thinker to you? And why contemporaries should know about him?

UR: Spinoza was a very rigid and autonomous thinker whose works exhibit a strong sense of systematicity. What I mean thereby is the following: Spinoza is always very clear about the implications of a certain claim for claims in other fields. Hence I do not think that the systematicity of Spinoza’s works is simply due to his usage of the geometrical method. On the contrary, his usage of the geometrical method is, in my view, a matter of the exposition of this systematicity, rather than of proof. Still, his usage of this method shows that he had firm idea of how things cohere with each other. To get an understanding of these connections is extremely instructive, even if one does not follow him in all his points. Moreover, Spinoza’s is as rich as it is rigorous, one can find interesting and challenging views on almost everything: metaphysics, religion, knowledge and science, morality, social life, and politics as wells as, of course, all kinds of mental phenomena."

[Hier op 3am het hele interview]