Een boek dat nog eens de aparte positie van Spinoza laat zien


Spinoza komt uiteraard weer wel aan de orde in het volgende boek:

Eric Watkins (ed.), The Divine Order, the Human Order, and the Order of Nature: Historical Perspectives, Oxford University Press, 2013, 240pp., $74.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780199934409.

Vandaag in de NDPR, reviewed by  John Whipple, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Uit de inhoudsopgave blijkt wie Spinoza behandelt:
Part 1: The Medieval Period
 Chapter 1: Powers Versus Laws: God and the Order of the World According to Some Late Medieval Aristotelians –  Marilyn McCord Adams
 Chapter 2: The Order of Nature and Moral Luck: Maimonides on Divine Providence –  Steven Nadler
 Part 2: The Early Modern Period
 Chapter 3: God, Laws, and the Order of Nature: Descartes and Leibniz, Hobbes and Spinoza –  Daniel Garber
 Chapter 4: Malebranche's Causal Concepts –  Robert Merrihew Adams
 Chapter 5: Laws and Order: Malebranche, Berkeley, Hume –  Tad Schmaltz
 Chapter 6: Laws of Nature in Seventeenth-Century England: From Cambridge Platonism to Newtonianism –  Peter Harrison
 Chapter 7: Laws and Powers in Leibniz – Donald Rutherford
 Chapter 8: Change in the Monad –  Martha Brandt Bolton
 Part 3: Kant
 Chapter 9: Rational Hope, Moral Order, and the Revolution of the Will –  Andrew Chignell
 Chapter 10: Kant on the Natural, Moral, Human, and Divine Order –  Eric Watkins