Benedict Spinoza – A Philosopher for Our Time


Afgelopen zondag 7 augustus  was op de BBC World Service [Cf.] weer een audio-essay van Michael Goldfarb over Benedict Spinoza – A Philosopher for Our Time – een verkorte versie van 18 mei 2016 [cf. blog]. Vandaag werd het programma op Youtube geplaatst.

We live in fearful times. All over the world renewed wars of religion are being fought. Politicians exploit our fears of one another in order to win power. 350 years ago, the philosopher Benedict Spinoza put his very, big brain to work on the problem of religion in politics. His theories led to the Enlightenment and its ideas of democracy and the separation of Church and State in the role of government. To do this he had to argue that God was not the God of the Bible. Spinoza’s reward: excommunication. But no threat could stop him imagining a new kind of liberty.

Michael Goldfarb tells the story of Spinoza with the help of philosophers and musicians in a programme that will make listeners think and reflect on the big questions of life, the universe and our place in it.