Vandaag herdenken we dat Spinoza 340 jaar geleden overleed

Hier neem ik over wat Het Spinoza Web schrijft over 
Spinoza’s sudden death
Towards the end of 1676, Spinoza’s health begins to deteriorate. He dies unexpectedly on Sunday 21 February from a lung disease, at the age of 44. He left no written will. It is reported that Spinoza made some last arrangements with his landlord, Van der Spijck, to convey his writings immediately upon his death in a desk  (‘lessenaar’) to his publisher Rieuwertsz. On 25 February, the burial ceremony for Spinoza is held in the Reformed Nieuwe Kerk of The Hague at the Spui, where his coffin is interred in a rented vault. His friends in Amsterdam immediately start preparing the publication of his works.

still van sterfscene in de film van van Robin Lutz Spinoza, een vrije denker (2015). Rowin Prins als Spinoza

Emanuela Scribano, "Spinoza muore" [Spinoza dies]. In: Rivista di Storia Della Filosofia 67 [2012](#1):107-130.
Abstract: In the essay Spinoza Dies, the Author imagines Spinoza’s reflections in the hours preceding his death and uses them to present the philosopher’s theories on life, death, suicide and eternity of the mind. These theories require a concept of identity able to answer questions on the essence of life and death, the identity of the dying and/of the surviving individual. While some interpreters deny that the eternal mind can be a personal one, the Author argues in complete contrast that the mind truly achieves a personal identity only in the dimension of eternity.